Swimmer Randall ready to inspire

21 April 2012 / 09:36

Commonwealth silver medallist Jenna Randall will return to the pool following a training injury as she looks to inspire young people to take up the sport which has combined her passions for dance and water.

Randall will take to the water at the Aquatics Centre in the team free routine at the final qualification event for the 2012 Olympics, just 97 days away.

She said: "I am always itching to get in when I am not in. It was fantastic to see the crowd and really exciting to know it will be even more in the summer."

She had been due to compete in the duet with Olivia Federici, as well as the team technical, but a training accident four weeks ago resulted in a sprained wrist, prompting the pair to withdraw in order to concentrate on next month's European Championships.

Randall's passion for the sport is such she hopes this summer's Games will both fascinate and inspire youngsters.

The Rushmoor Royal athlete said: "That is what we are hoping for. People are going to see it is very enjoyable and hard at the same time. It's great to have more kids to come through."

Randall has always been devoted to dance, and especially contemporary, but at the age of 16 she was forced to concentrate on either that or synchro, a choice she did not find difficult.

She said: "I love dance, I love water. Synchro blended it - it was an easy choice. I am just fascinated by what the body does in the water. The movement of the body and posture."

This summer will see Randall and Federici face the likes of Natalia Ischenko, who has been dubbed 'Phelps in a skirt' after a medal-laden career like that of the American 14-time Olympic swimming champion.

Ischenko was half of the Russian pair who produced an exemplary performance to win the duet free. Of the Phelps tag, Ischenko - a 15-time world champion - through an interpreter said: "It is a very nice comparison - I already heard about it. I'll just try to be the best in synchro."