Star sailing pair set course for gold

24 July 2012 / 17:47

Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson may be enjoying a quiet week but the Olympics is never far from their minds.

The pair come into the Games as one of the favourites after their stunning gold in China four years ago - Britain's first in the sailing Star class since 1988.

Percy and Simpson are now only days from getting their campaign under way and are living in the British sailing team's accommodation in Portland.

Percy admits it is a funny time as they wait for competition to begin on Sunday but, while feeling slightly in limbo, they are enjoying a quiet few days.

"It is a funny week, really," Percy said. "If you've done your job right and you're reasonably well prepared, then the week before becomes quite a quiet week.

"Obviously you don't want to be doing massive hours training because you don't want to tire your body out. If you've got it right, you have quite a quiet week which leaves you quite a lot of time to take in what is going on around you and deal with those pressures.

"In that final week you have any number of different emotions. You have nerves for sure, confident moments as well. I take myself back sometimes to moments over the years where I have felt the same. It is a funny old week. It is probably the easiest and nicest week of the last two years but you still have got a fairly big event coming up."

Simpson echoed Percy's comments by admitting it is a "weird week" for the duo, who have known each other since childhood.

"We are friends, I don't know if we'll be friends after this," Simpson said with a smile.

"We are very lucky to be friends. Ben [Ainslie], myself and Iain have all known each other since the age of nine and it is quite unique really."