Shoebridge embraces rather than fears Olympic debut

28 December 2013 / 11:22

Richard Shoebridge insists he will not be overawed by his short track speed skating Olympic debut in Sochi.

Shoebridge put aside the disappointment of Team GB failing to qualify a relay team to book his individual place at the Games, alongside team-mates Elise Christie, Charlotte Gilmartin, Jon Eley and Jack Whelbourne.

The 28-year old sprint specialist was taught to skate by his father in South Africa and honed his skills further when the family moved to Canada.

And he's upbeat about his chances in Sochi, where he'll compete in the 1000m event.

"You've got to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good in short track and anything can happen on any day," he said.

"You've got to be confident in your abilities and I'm just looking forward to getting on the start line now. It’s always been one of my childhood ambitions, so finally fulfilling that dream is a great accomplishment for me.

"It's not just another competition. I'm going to embrace it and certainly not fear it. I want to use the pressure of the Games to my advantage and use it to maximise my performance.

"It's the same people you always compete against but I'd be lying if I said it won't be a totally different feeling. 

"People say don't make the Olympics over important but it will be pretty hard to do when you get there."

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