Shanaze Reade is excited but nervous ahead of London 2012

09 July 2012 / 13:30

After all the build-up, London 2012 is nearly upon us, how does that feel?

It feels very strange now!! A real feeling of excitement, nerves, relief and anticipation!!! I just want to get out on that track. My event is not until the last few days of the Games though so I am going to have to wait while everyone else is having the fun……I am really thankful to be able to say (fingers crossed and touch wood) I am fit and healthy and ready to go. 

The Jubilee really brought the nation together, are you excited about competing on home turf? 

Obviously there are a million reasons to get excited about the Olympics but this is one that really makes me buzz. When I won the test event last year on the track the noise was incredible and there is going to be almost twice the capacity at the Games so it is going to be amazing. I love competing in front of a big crowd and just thinking about it makes me really excited. I can’t wait.

What goes through your mind when you’re getting ready to compete in the changing rooms?

I will be with my coach talking through a few things but by then it is about having faith in my own ability and my own preparation. It is just about staying calm and focused and making sure I enjoy it when I get out there. I will also listen to some music whilst I get changed and get ready, it helps me stay focused.

What’s it feel like just seconds before your race/event begins? 

It is pure adrenaline, like any other sport. But again you have to accept the nerves and excitement for what they are and just trust in your ability and preparation. It is about using nerves to your advantage as everyone else on that line will be feeling exactly the same thing. 

Whilst competing how aware are you of what’s around you? 

It depends on which part of the race I am at. A lot of the time it is all about staying focused away from the noise of the crowd but if you have a good lead going into the final straight you become more aware. In terms of the other riders I try to ride my own race and concentrate on my own performance, that’s al I can control.  

What does it feel like to win? 

Winning is the best feeling ever, it is the reason that you get up in the morning and the reaon that you go through all the pain of injuries.

What’s your one top tip for other athletes that you’ve learnt through competing yourself? 

Keep moving forward, not matter what the set back and don’t (and I mean don’t) give up. We all experience negative times but it is how we react to them that sets great athletes apart from good ones.

With Cadbury you can win £20 if your randomly selected member of Team GB wins Gold, who else in the Team would you like to pull out the hat? 

I hate to put pressure on others!! But I like the chances of Rebecca Adlington!! Could I swap the £20 pound reward for a sack full of chocolate?? J (to share after the games of course!!)