Radcliffe hoping to overcome foot injury

04 July 2012 / 13:44

Paula Radcliffe is confident she will be able to compete at London 2012 despite the recurrence of a foot problem.

The injury that forced her to miss the 2008 London Marathon has struck again and the 38-year-old has been receiving treatment to manage the condition. Radcliffe, the women's marathon world record holder, is seeing a specialist on Wednesday afternoon but expects to be running at the Games.

"Preparations for the Games have gone really well and I was really pleased until the last 10 days or so," she said at the launch of O2's Priority Sports app at Nike Town. "The joint in my foot that can give me trouble has been giving me bit of a problem."

She added: "I'm getting some answers on that this afternoon so that I won't be training in pain between now and then, but hopefully everything should be all right.

"I don't think my participation at the Games is under threat at this stage. It's just a case of managing it. I can run on it, it just hurts."

Radcliffe has never won an Olympic medal and her only expectations for London 2012 are to do herself justice.

"Really I just want to get to the Games healthy and in the best shape I can," she said. "I'll give it the best shot I can and want to walk away being able to say 'that was a good performance'.

"I know that at 38 I don't have as strong a chance as previous years, but there's still a chance. I want to run really well in the streets of London with the support that British athletes will receive."

Team GB have yet to decide who will carry the flag at opening ceremony and while Radcliffe is a possible contender, she would prefer another athlete to receive the honour.

"It's a big honour but if you asked me would I rather run well or carry the flag, it would be run well every time," she said. "The opening ceremony is a great experience but it's not something I'd particularly want to do a week before my race because it can take your focus off training."