Psychology key for bullish Christie with PyeongChang on the horizon
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Psychology key for bullish Christie with PyeongChang on the horizon

29 September 2017 / 12:18

Elise Christie believes she's got a mental edge as she prepares to start the final countdown to the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.

The short track speed skater is in a bullish mood with the opening ISU World Cup of the season in Hungary firmly underway, with Christie already in preliminary action.

As she builds towards what she hopes will be a third Olympic appearance, the 27-year old is in peak form after her three golds at the World Championships in Rotterdam earlier this year.

In the past she admits struggling to cope with the weight of expectation but insists a recent focus on her mental preparation has paid dividends.

"I had to go and ask for some help and working with a sports psychologist has really helped me," she said.

“I really felt like without doing that there was no way I was going to unlock my full potential.

“I was sick of going into Championships and not winning because physically I felt capable.

“When I went to the last World Championships I had no fear of losing medals, I just wanted to win and if that meant I lost medals, I didn’t care.”

Christie had a tough time at the last Winter Olympic appearance in Sochi, with a mixture of disqualifications and crashes conspiring against her in the thrills and spills sport.

Short track is a national obsession in South Korea but Christie admitted she was worried about her reception after she tangled with Park Seung-hi in Sochi, leading to abuse online.

She added: “At the World Cup in Korea I was thinking, ‘I’m going to get booed’, I was preparing myself for the worst and then everyone ran at me and I couldn’t go into the stands to warm up.  

“I think they were embarrassed for the people who had done what they did to me. It was definitely nice and a lovely surprise.

"It’s like I get to be a bit lower profile at home and hide away from it all and I go out there and it’s pretty intense. 

"It’s quite cool, they are mad about short track, which will make the Olympics really special."

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