Performance services team selected for London 2012

01 June 2012 / 09:20

With just 57 days to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the British Olympic Association (BOA) has announced the members of its Performance Services Team based at the Olympic Village in Stratford. The team will provide support to athletes from sports across the whole of Team GB.

This multi-disciplinary team brings together 24 highly experienced members from all four home countries, who have supported Team GB athletes at 22 Olympic Games, making their collective experience and knowledge of sports performance unrivalled in this country. It includes doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists and a psychologist, all of whom will work to ensure Team GB is the best prepared British Olympic team in the history of the Games.

Performance Services Director Dave Reddin will lead the team. He has 20 years’ experience of working across a wide range of elite sports including professional football and perhaps most notably in rugby where he was the national fitness coach for 10 years and played a key role in the 2003 Rugby World Cup success. Dave’s first Olympic experience was the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Dr Ian McCurdie, who is the BOA’s Chief Medical Officer and has experience of working at four Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games, will lead the medical team. He was the British Modern Pentathlon Team Doctor for seven years and also has experience of working in professional sports at elite level, including premiership football and tennis.

The Team GB Headquarters (HQ) Medical Officers will be responsible for providing medical support to all athletes in the Olympic Village, as well as supporting a number of team doctors. They will be attending training and competition venues and providing day-to-day health and welfare support to all athletes and support staff involved with Team GB.

The Physiotherapy team will be led by BOA Chief Physiotherapist, Caryl Becker. Caryl has worked at the BOA for 11 years and has experience of working at four Olympic and two Commonwealth Games across various sporting disciplines. Team GB’s HQ physiotherapists will work with sport physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists to provide support to all Team GB athletes. The HQ physiotherapy team includes the lead physiotherapists from the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Institutes of Sport, as well as the clinical lead physiotherapists from the English Institute of Sport (EIS).

BOA Head of Sports Science and Research, Dr Marco Cardinale, will lead the sports science support for Team GB, which includes the provision of monitoring and recovery solutions. In addition, the psychological well-being of the team will be supported by Dr Mark Bawden, lead sports psychologist at the EIS, and also to the England cricket team. 

The 24 team members listed below are part of a larger Team GB Performance Services Team, which also includes a group of seven Performance Analysts led by Dr Stafford Murray, lead Performance Analyst for the EIS. Stafford has supported a number of sports through the last three Olympic cycles and is a veteran of four Commonwealth Games. Based at Team GB House, his team will use cutting edge technology to ensure the provision of performance critical information to coaches and support staff across Team GB.

A 17-strong Performance Services support team has also been assembled to support athletes at the Team GB preparation camp in Loughborough, which will be led by Victoria Underwood from the EIS, who is taking on the role of Head of Preparation Camp Performance Services.

The selected staff are, in alphabetical order: (Name, role, hometown)

  • Mark Bawden (Performance Psychologist, Cornwall)
  • Ian Beasley (Medical Officer, Lewisham)
  • Caryl Becker (Chief Physiotherapist, Burnham)
  • Marco Cardinale (Head of Sports Science, Fondi, Italy)
  • Charlotte Cowie (Medical Officer, Lutterworth)
  • Brian Cunniffe 

    (Sports Scientist, Roscommon)
  • Niall Elliot (Medical Officer, Dundee)
  • Philip Glasgow (Physiotherapist, Belfast)
  • Sarah Hodson (Soft Tissue Therapist, London)
  • Ian Horsley (Physiotherapist, Sheffield)
  • Rod Jaques (Medical Officer, Gloucester)
  • Sian Knott (Physiotherapist, Cardiff)
  • Fiona Mather (Physiotherapist, Edinburgh)
  • Ian McCurdie (Chief Medical Officer, Chipstead)
  • Stafford Murray (Head of Performance Analysis, Birmingham)
  • Hannah Oakes (Performance Services Coordinator, Woking)
  • Dave Reddin (Director of Performance Services, Bedford)
  • Greg Retter (Physiotherapist, Enfield)
  • Simon Till (Medical Officer, Sheffield)
  • Sandy Tubby (Physiotherapist, Leigh-on-Sea)
  • Victoria Underwood (Head of Preparation Camp Performance Services, Hinckley)
  • Ashleigh Wallace (Physiotherapist, Maidenhead)
  • Jean Watson (Centre Manager, Bisham)
  • Craig White (Medical Officer, Aylesbury)

Team GB Chef de Mission Andy Hunt said:

“As we move ever closer to the London 2012 Olympics, I am delighted to welcome the Performance Services Team as official members of Team GB.

“The professional experience these people share is incredibly extensive and second to none. All our Team GB athletes can be assured that they will receive the best support, should they require it, from this fantastic team.

“Between them, the Performance services team members have supported Team GB athletes at 22 Olympic Games. This fact alone shows just how experienced they are, and is testament to their excellent talent and dedication. Put simply, they represent the highest quality team ever assembled to support Team GB.”

Team GB Performance Services Director Dave Reddin said:

“This home Olympic Games has given us a unique opportunity to create the most extensive support team in Team GB history. The Team GB headquarters team will work alongside the support teams of the individual sports and the UK High Performance Institutes to bring the best possible expertise to bear on Team GB performances in London.

“We will be doing everything possible to ensure every athlete has the best chance of achieving their personal best in London. I feel very proud to be leading such an experienced professional team and to be involved in supporting Team GB at our home games.”

Team GB Chief Medical Officer Ian McCurdie said:

“I am very proud to lead such a fantastic medical team, which draws its members from all four home countries and offers the highest quality medical support our Team GB athletes have ever had.

“By drawing from a pool of the very best sports physicians, we will be able to deliver exceptionally high standards of medical support and real continuity of care for our athletes. Personally, I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am really looking forward to the London Games.”

Team GB Chief Physiotherapist Caryl Becker said:

“I remember being in Trafalgar Square when it was announced that London was to host the Olympic Games and from that point I dared to dream that I would be a part of it, as I suspect did all the rest of the team.

“The team that we have selected includes some of the best clinicians in our current system, which means that all Team GB athletes can rest assured that they have the best level of support available to them.

“I know that, given the nature of the job, there will be both highs and lows, but I am really looking forward to representing Team GB at London 2012. It really is a dream come true for me and an immense honour.”