Perfect conditions for Murdoch bid at third time lucky

08 February 2014 / 18:26

Great Britain men's skip David Murdoch declared himself a happy man after a practice session at the Olympic curling venue.

Murdoch and his rink were full of praise for the sheet prepared by Canadian Hans Wuthrich, known as the Ice Master for his meticulous attention to detail and 30-year track record in 'ice grooming'.

“Usually at the World Championships we just have one practice session and the ice can be super aggressive and quite green and new," said Murdoch, who is competing at his third Olympics in Sochi.

"But you can tell here, that the ice guys have been down here for quite a while and all the teams have been on now and it is actually close to game conditions in practice which is fantastic.

“We were speaking with the ice guys and they are real happy and you can see the players are happy, so it’s good that everything is going well. We have come off the ice thinking it is looking good.

“You are looking for perfectly level ice, which has no runs on it which makes it difficult to predict if a stone will take off. At the start of the week the rocks (stones) are sandpapered so they are really aggressive and curl a huge amount. 

"They have done a perfect job here which is why they are the best in the business.”

Great Britain - competing as Scotland - have won medals at the last three World Championships and arrive in Sochi ranked number two in the world.

But Murdoch is the only member of the rink to have played at the Olympics.

“We are pretty optimistic about our chances," said third Greg Drummond. 

"We are trying to treat it like any other event and just prepare before each game in exactly the same way. I know it is the Olympics but we have been to a lot of World and European Championships and if we can prepare in exactly the same way it will be good."

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