Patience and Glanfield end maiden season with another win

13 September 2013 / 22:14

Luke Patience and Joe Glanfield concluded their maiden sailing season with another victory - secured with a day to spare at the Santander City Trophy.

Patience, who won 470 class silver at London 2012, and Glanfield, second with Nick Rogers at the 2008 and 2004 Olympics, have proved a powerful combination in recent months.

And they bettered their rivals with ease at the regatta, which is being staged as a test event for next year's ISAF World Championships in Spain.

“It’s been a while since I can remember doing a regatta where you win with a day to spare – it’s certainly Joe and I’s first," said Patience.

“We’ve had a great year.  We came out of the blocks at our first regatta and stood on the podium, and here we are at our final regatta of the year with another gold medal.  

“There’s plenty to work on. The things that we can be working on going into the next season can be many.

"As ever with these things there’s never enough time – the one enemy you have is the ticking clock."  

Glanfield took a break from campaigning for the London 2012 in favour of coaching and is encouraged by their performance across the variety of conditions they’ve faced since his return to competition.

“I thought I’d be more off the pace in terms of what’s going on on the racecourse,” he said.

“Physically it’s been difficult but I’m getting better as we go along and I’m aching less – there’s still definitely some gains there.

“One thing that’s been pleasing for both of us is that across all conditions we’re pretty consistent.  We’ve definitely got things we can improve on in every condition, but we’re not a one-trick pony and we are there or thereabouts come rain or shine, wind or no wind.  

“That’s really good and we’ve got something solid to build on.”

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