Onuora benefitting from change in mindset ahead of trials

12 July 2013 / 11:36

Anyika Onuora insists her mindset has transformed from less is more to more the merrier as she prepares to rubberstamp her place on the plane to Moscow for next month’s World Championships.

The 28-year-old heads to Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium for this weekend’s Sainsbury’s British Championships, which act as the world trials, off the back of a fantastic start to the season.

Onuora has the 200m A qualifying standard in the bag, having clocked an equal personal best of 22.93seconds in Hengelo last month, and has run within the 100m equivalent.

She clocked a 100m split of 11.20, 0.08 inside the A standard, while competing over 150m at the Great Manchester City Games however it doesn’t stop there for a flying Onuora.

The Liverpool Harrier has run over 400m for the first time in her career this season and taken to it like a duck to water with her best effort of 51.38 another World Championship A standard.

That opens up the possibility of three individual races and two relays, the 4x100m and 4x400m, in Moscow and, whereas before she wouldn’t have like it, Onuora insists the busier she is the better.

“I have had a fantastic year and it all bodes well,” said Onuora, who is working under new coach Rana Reider. “I have relocated to Loughborough and it is so much better for me.

“I am a lot more comfortable and happy in the training group I am in. I never really thought about the 400m before because I never thought I would be any good at it.

“I thought I would probably get to 300m and hit a brick wall but because my training is different and there have been changes everything is working out so well.

“It is a fantastic position to be in, having already qualified and now I have to guarantee my spot. My whole approach this year is completely different. I try not to over think things.

“Doing three events has been great for me, I know I am fit and healthy and I am just taking each race at a time. I would like to be part of the 4x400m team if they will have me.

“Before it never really crossed my mind to do more than two events at a championships especially two separate relays. But now because I am fit and healthy and a lot stronger I know I can run them.”

Onuora isn’t entered into the 400m at the British Championships and, while she is on the entry list for the 100m, she won’t decide until today (Friday) whether she’ll actually run it.

That could mean racing solely over 200m in Birmingham and Onuora admits she leaves the when’s and where’s to coach Reider while she concentrates on running fast whatever event it may be.

“I am doing the 200m, I am not sure about the 100m, I will see how it goes,” she added. “I used to over think things but now I am just turning up and racing.

“Rana doesn’t give you much time to prepare, he expects you to go out and run and that is what is working for me.

“In the past I have been so focussed on running a particular time and having an aim and a target. I am not focussing on particular times; I just want to run fast.”

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