Olympic silver medallist Page excited to bounce back into action
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Olympic silver medallist Page excited to bounce back into action

27 April 2017 / 13:11

An Olympic silver medal won on an ankle far from at its best means only one thing for trampolinist Bryony Page – room for improvement is certainly not out of the question.

The 26-year-old has not competed since tasting success at Rio 2016, with rehab still ongoing after going under the knife for work on an ankle that has proved troublesome for some time.

And with the impingement injury lingering in the shadows for more than six years, it’s certainly been a fix long overdue – despite the inevitable delay to her latest Olympiad adventure.

For some it would bring a rather frustrating wait on the sidelines but, with Page still buzzing from her silver in Rio, the confidence is high, and the determination remains even higher.

“Pressure is a funny word, it’s something that you focus on with yourself – you can’t physically touch it so it’s about that mental resolve and getting into the right position for you to feel happy,” she said.

“I’m just getting back into things, putting new elements into routines which is very exciting, feeling the drive and the motivation to get back into things and compete again.

“I haven’t competed since the Games, always kept up with conditioning but in terms of the trampoline it was a good few months where I was off it.


“You do have that little worry, that’s what comes with surgery, but you have that faith and confidence in your support teams, the physios and the doctors, so I’m confident it can become 100 per cent which it hasn’t been for many years now.

“We’ve got a World Championships at the end of the year and I’d love to get back to a peak performance by then, and it’s the same target I have going into any competition, whether it be an Olympic Games or any meet or anything.

“I go in to be my best, be the absolute best I can be and that’s the only thing you can truly control, so that’s what I want to focus on.”

For Page, a prolonged period on the sidelines has brought a noticeable silver lining to the cloud – in both a literal and mental approach.

As Team GB’s first trampoline medallist, Page has hit new ground, an inspiration to those looking to bounce in the same footsteps as well as jump for the first time.

That took her to the grand opening of Flip Out in Brent Cross, the UK’s most advanced trampoline arena, with the next generation on hand to take up a brand new opportunity.


Page delivered a rather hands-on approach with her own routine in North London, but it was the medal around her neck that drew most attention.

But for every chip, dent or scratch that dents her precious silver, it brings a smile to the face of Page, revelling in her chance to start the potential journey of Team GB’s next trampoline Olympic medallist.

She added: “At the moment I keep my medal in a very fluffy sock in my bag. I like to share the medal around and for people to hold it, it’s got a few marks but I like to think that any chip is a mark where somebody has been inspired.

“It comes with a box – that’s what I keep pristine, and I’m more than happy for it to be that way.


“I like to be able to share it, some people wonder if I’m sad about it, but it’s well loved and I’m proud that people want to see it. That inspiration is so important to me, even now I get inspired by people so if I can do anything to help someone else feel like that then I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

“That’s really helped me, so if I can give back is really special.”

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