Murdoch refuses to rise to rival Jacobs comments

07 February 2014 / 09:12

Great Britain's David Murdoch has refused to be drawn into a war of words with Canadian curling skip Brad Jacobs.

Murdoch, who skips a rink at the Olympics for the third time in Sochi, arched an eyebrow to comments from his rival that his tactics were 'defensive'.

Murdoch is a two-time world champion and skipped Scotland to bronze at last season's World Championships.

Jacobs is making his Olympic debut in Sochi and, at just 23, is being viewed as the future of curling in a country where the sport enjoys special status.

"We've got a lot of different game plans and it depends who we are playing against," said Murdoch. 

"You don't always fight fire with fire and I've been doing this long enough to hopefully know what the right tactics are.

"We have different strategies depending on the teams we play and we'll always play to our strengths. We know whatever style we play and whoever we play, we'll be confident."

Murdoch joined Tom Brewster's double world silver medal rink last year and will replace him as skip in Sochi. 

Brewster will take the role of alternate while his team, Michael Goodfellow, Greg Drummond and Scott Andrews join Murdoch on the ice.

"We've tried a couple of different systems with this five man team, including rotating during a championships," said coach Soren Gran.

"However, we've decided to go with four players until we need to make some changes. We can't move around and change too much but if we have a situation where we need to change a player then we will do."

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