Murdoch and Muirhead pride at their medal moment

23 February 2014 / 10:04

David Murdoch insists the disappointment of losing the Olympic curling final quickly dissipated - as soon as he collected his silver medal.

Murdoch, alongside Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews, Michael Goodfellow and alternate Tom Brewster, admitted they didn't perform against Canada but insist they are leaving Sochi with no regrets.

"That was amazing, the adrenaline rush when we all walked on the stage. The reception we got from the crowd ensured it really did sink it that each of us had won an Olympic medal," said Murdoch.

"We were disappointed by the final but now we are very proud to have been on that podium.

"My heart was racing and I was more nervous coming out there than I have ever been in my life. I can't believe I actually have the medal. I can't stop looking at it. It's incredible and it's heavy.

"It was pretty tough times after the game, it was an opportunity gone, but we can't look back on that. We're so proud and it's the best feeling ever to have that medal."

Murdoch is 35 and claims he has no plans to quit the sport yet, Canadian skip Kevin Martin winning gold four years ago in Vancouver aged 43.

"I have a burning desire to play this game, I absolutely love it and it would probably be tougher to give it up than continue so continuing might be a better option," he added.

"I need to speak to UK Sport, my wife and the team, but certainly there is still an appetite to go on."

Meanwhile, Eve Muirhead is predicting a big future for her rink, after, alongside Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams, Claire Hamilton and alternative Lauren Gray, she collected her bronze.

"When I first started curling an Olympic medal never crossed my mind," she said.

"Over the last few years, as we've started to win championships and tournaments around the world, we started to believe we could compete on this stage.

"A bronze medal is fantastic but this team isn't finished yet. We have a fantastic future ahead of us. So far we have had a very successful career, winning several major championships.

"The one medal I was missing was the Olympic medal and now I've got that. We're going to keep training hard, push for Korea and push further up the podium."

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