Muirhead bids to be perfect at Europeans

27 November 2013 / 17:36

Eve Muirhead insists her Scottish rink face their most important match yet at the European Curling Championships with just one more win need to end the round-robin stage perfect.

Muirhead’s World Championship winning rink claimed their eighth win from eight with another comprehensive victory in Stavanger, this time 10-1 over hosts Norway after six ends.

Switzerland sit closely behind having lost their first match to Russia in the same session with the nations set to face each the in last of the round-robin matches.

And Muirhead is adamant victory over Switzerland will give them the advantage going into their page one-two play-off against the same opposition.

“That was a good solid performance. When you get up on the scoreboard, it’s hard to keep your concentration, but we did that and played all the simple shots well,” she said.

“It’s a crucial game against Switzerland. It’s basically for hammer in the Page one-two game, but everything seems to be going well.”

Meanwhile David Murdoch’s Scottish men’s rink secured progress to the page play-offs with a 9-2 victory over France in just six ends themselves.

The Scottish men have now won six and lost two and skip Murdoch admits it is job done for the first part of the European Championships.

“That’s the first thing you always look for, to get into the play-offs. That performance was solid throughout,” he said. 

“If we keep playing like this and we’re confident, we can make a lot of shots and hopefully win a few more games.

“In some ways we prefer the big teams. We like the intensity and we’re looking forward to playing those guys.”

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