Marshall has bright future - O'Connor

22 May 2012 / 08:19

Savannah Marshall's former Great Britain team-mate Lucy O'Connor believes the Hartlepool fighter can spearhead a women's boxing revolution after her world title win in China.

Marshall wrapped up a glorious tournament for her team by becoming Britain's first world gold medallist, while Nicola Adams and Natasha Jonas also won medals and qualified for the Olympics.

O'Connor, a former EU champion who will be part of the women's boxing commentary team for the BBC in 2012, said: "These girls have proved that the old myths about women's boxing no longer apply.

"Savannah, Nicola and Natasha have all shown tremendous skill and technique and they are such good ambassadors that seeing them in the Olympics can only increase participation in women's boxing."

O'Connor believes Marshall in particular can claim Olympic gold and go on to be a star, insisting she had no doubts about her potential from the first time she laid eyes on her as a teenager.

"I remember watching training with the England squad and the coach at the time told me this girl was going to be world champion one day. She had so much talent for someone so young and inexperienced," O`Connor said.

"She might be shy outside the ring but inside she is so cool and collected and nothing fazes her. She will even take all this media attention in her stride. I have every faith Savannah will go on to get the gold."