Imogen's lucky charm puts Team GB on front foot in Badminton

25 July 2012 / 19:50

Imogen Bankier is hoping that her lucky watch can keep her and badminton partner Chris Adcock ticking through the rounds at London 2012.

The trinket saw them both to silver in the World Championships and ever since then it has stayed on her wrist and seen them beat the World Number one Chinese twice in three meetings.
She said: “I’ve got a green Casio that I wear through tournament matches. Someone gave it to me and I wore it through the world championships in 2011, where we won silver and ever since then I’ve just worn it, simple as that.”
But the pair know they will have to play their best badminton if they are going to come away from the tournament with a medal.
Adcock added: “ We are ranked tenth in the world and that is a fair reflection on how our season went, but in the same breath we know that if we play to a good level and the crowd get behind us we can play to a top three or four level.”
Only time will tell whether the pair can match their performances at the World Championships and walk away with a medal.