Ice dancers Coomes and Buckland eyeing top ten in Sochi

16 February 2014 / 19:39

British ice dancers Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland were left cursing the clock after a fractional error cost them the chance to push into the top ten at the Winter Olympics.

After their figure skating bronze medal at the recent European Championship, hopes were high the pair could break into the world's top couples in Sochi.

There was a big improvement in their short programme score from the team event earlier in the Games but once again they were docked a point for holding a lift too long.

They are allowed six seconds to perform a complex rotational lift tbut coach Evgeny Platov revealed they missed their mark by just seven hundredths of a second.

It means they picked up a one point deduction and scored 59.33 to sit 11th, with their nearest rivals, Germany's Nelli Zhiganshina and Aleexander Gazsi - who they beat at the European Championships - just ahead.

"It's frustrating but we still got a lot of points for the lift, we gain more points from it than we lost but you still don't want to lose a point," said Buckland.

"We love that lift and nobody has ever done it before but we need to keep working on it so it doesn't happen again. We train to be perfectionists, so it's a bit disappointing."

Platov admitted the pressure was now on to get their showstopper free skate - set to a medley of Michael Jackson music - perfect for their next appearance on Monday night.

"There is nothing to lose now, they have to skate their hearts out," he said. 

"Perhaps they were too cautious here but their free skate is Michael Jackson and you can't be cautious if you are dancing to his music."

And Coomes added she can't wait to get back on the ice to perform a routine that's been a proven crowd-pleaser this season.

"I love our free dance and have every confidence in it," she said.

"I enjoying practicing it every day and I love performing it, we couldn't have a better programme to put forward."

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