Hoy pays tribute to family

08 August 2012 / 16:43

Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy has paid tribute to his wife as the emotional support behind his charge to become Britain's most successful Olympic champion with six gold medals.

Savouring the moment with his proud wife Sarra was the most memorable part of his success at London 2012, where he won gold in the keirin and team sprint to add to the three he won in Beijing 2008 and a further gold from Athens 2004.

"There are troughs and dips in the four years and she has been there the whole way - never complained and never moaned once or become frustrated with cycling because that has been put first over everything," Hoy, 36, said.

"When I saw her at the end of it all and was able to give her a big hug and a kiss and realise that we have done it and gone through it."

With Hoy pretty much ruling himself out of competing at the next Olympics in Rio 2016, the Edinburgh couple, who married in 2010, can now look forward to a bit of normality.

He said: "It was not that it was a struggle or not an enjoyable process but we knew now we can live a normal life for a few months and do other things than eating, training and nothing else."

He said he had also managed to see the footage of his mum Carol almost being unable to watch him win the keirin at the Olympic velodrome.

He said: "I am sure my mum was having a tough time. The keirin is a dangerous event and she is always saying 'don't hurt yourself son, be safe and if you win that is brilliant'."

A decision on what or even when he will walk away from the sport has yet to be made but the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games is a possibility for a final swansong.

Whatever happens, Sir Chris would like to stay in touch with the sport. He said: "I would love to still be involved with the team once I have retired eventually. Cycling has been part of my life since I was seven years old. It would be very hard to walk away and not be involved in some shape or form."