Hoy to decide on future next year

18 November 2012 / 13:35

Sir Chris Hoy will make a decision on whether to continue to the 2014 Commonwealth Games at the venue which bears his name early next year.

Britain's most decorated Olympian with six gold medals, Hoy, who will be 37 in March, is to travel with a small group of British Cycling sprinters to a training camp in Perth in Australia next month.

"I'll try to make it (the decision) sooner rather than later; I don't want to leave it too late," said Hoy, speaking on the final day of the Track World Cup in Glasgow. "I reckon I'll know by spring next year, having been away to Perth, done a bit of training, a little bit of racing in January (at the Rotterdam Six Day event)."

He added: "I'd be able to see whether my body's dealing with the training in the way that I'd hope."

Hoy won his first Olympic gold in Athens in 2004 in the one-kilometre time-trial, two years after winning Commonwealth gold in Manchester.

London 2012 was his last Olympics, but the chance to bow out with a home Commonwealth Games is a big carrot for him to continue.

Hoy, who will not race in this season's Track Cycling World Championships, in Minsk in February, added: "Being here and seeing the stadium hasn't made me want to be there any more (than it did before).

"I wanted to be there in the first place. I couldn't have wanted it any more.

"You can visualise what it will be like. To have a home Commonwealth Games on the back of a home Olympic Games, not many riders have that chance, so I'm certainly not lacking motivation about making it to the Games.

"It's about whether my body can hold on."