Goodison bids to overcome back pain

01 August 2012 / 09:02

Reigning Olympic gold medallist Paul Goodison is hoping the physios can do their magic so he can get back out on the water again on Wednesday.

The 34-year-old sailor is struggling with a back injury picked up in just the second Laser race of the London 2012 regatta.

Goodison finished that in 23rd and did little better in the first race on Tuesday, ending 16th.

The Yorkshireman recovered to secure an impressive second place in race four, but is pinning his hopes on getting through Wednesday and on to his scheduled rest day.

"It's pretty sore, to be honest," Goodison said of his back with tears in his eyes. "It was just at the start of race two [on Monday]. We rushed off as quick as we could to get fixed up by the physio.

"They did a fantastic job but the problem is when you're in so much pain, trying to focus and make good decisions is difficult.

"This affected me again. The body is in a lot of pain and you can push through that and fire forward to a certain degree, but when the pain is affecting your decision-making it is very difficult.

"On Monday night I could hardly bend down and the physios did an amazing job to get me out there on the water.

"I was kind of hoping it was a quick fix and it'd go away but unfortunately not so we have got to do a similar thing to get back in one piece and look forward to the rest days. Hopefully I will get a bit of time to get over it."

Despite the pain, Goodison managed to haul himself up from 17th to 12th in the overall standings on Tuesday.