GB hockey coach Kerry has vision

11 August 2012 / 15:31

Great Britain hockey coach Danny Kerry believes Olympic bronze should spur on the women's team to win a world-level event in the future.

In order to create and sustain that success he believes hockey has to become the country's premier female team sport but is confident the plans put in place will help do that.

Having had a night to assess the achievement of winning only the second bronze medal by a British women's team - the only other coming 20 years ago - Kerry feels their ambition should know no bounds.

"I've made it clear to these guys that you shouldn't narrow things," he said. "Your vision should be to be inspired by the likes of cycling and rowing and sailing. If you think small you only ever achieve small.

"I will probably upset a few people but I think women's hockey can be - and should be - the premier female team sport in the country.

"Our organisation has put an amazing amount of time and energy into capitalising on that and you have to have that kind of vision.

"Whether it is me or someone else leading that in the future only time will tell but I think we can do it."

Reading team-mate Alex Danson admitted she had a sleepless night but it was not for want of trying.

"I stared at my ceiling and I saw 4.45am and I knew my alarm was going off at 6.30am and I was thinking 'Please sleep'," said the 27-year-old, who scored the opening goal in their 3-1 bronze medal victory over New Zealand.

"But I kept checking my medal was still there because this has just been the proudest moment in my entire life."