Fuller ready for new season despite injury scare

02 November 2014 / 18:55

Despite taking a tumble while snowboarding in Australia Aimee Fuller says she is fit and ready to go ahead of the new season.

The snowboarder, who competed in semi-finals of the slopestyle event in Sochi, is gearing up for her first competition of the year after some well-earned rest in the summer.

However, while most might be avoiding work on holiday, Fuller was never far from her board.

And even though she landed heavily on her hip after a fall she says it won’t be enough to keep her out of competition.

“I did hurt my hip a little bit in Australia so I’ve been doing a bit of rehab stuff at home in the last five or six weeks,” she said.

“I’ve just been at home getting as strong and fit as I can really. I took off on a jump completely wrong, lost control in the air and just came down on my hip.

“It was just really bad bone bruising and some soft tissue damage. Nothing major but it was pretty sore.

“But I feel like I’ve had a good break, I’ve had some good riding and I’m feeling really strong and fit so I’m raring to go.”

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