Expectations get better of Alcott after 23rd in Super-G

15 February 2014 / 09:45

Chemmy Alcott admitted her expectations got the better of her after she failed to improve on her downhill result in the Super-G at the Winter Olympics.

Alcott compared her 19th in the downhill on Wednesday to like winning gold but she had to make do with four places lower and 23rd in the Super-G.

She clocked a time of 1:29.14 minutes as Anna Fenninger wrapped up another gold for Austria with a run that was over three seconds quicker.

And Alcott conceded that she had got caught up with the emotions of her downhill finish and quickly realised that you don’t always get what you want.

“I should have managed my expectations a bit better but I just know if I could do it again I would be a lot better,” she said.

“I saw a lot of the girls skiing pretty and round so I took some risks and they paid off until the last pitch. I just made a judgment error and had to battle down.

“You choose your own fate and that [crashing out] wasn’t going to be my fate. I was going to fight down and get my best result ever, that is how I think.

“Ski racing is a brutal sport, to go out on your best race ever is the golden day but I don’t think that golden day happens that often.

“It was brutal, you had ice at the top to deal with then it was gripping and then there was snow at the bottom.

“I knew that wasn’t going to suit me because you haven’t got any feeling on this and I haven’t got any feeling anyway.”

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