Eve Muirhead: The Inside Track
Inside Track

Eve Muirhead: The Inside Track

18 March 2015 / 11:11

Eve Muirhead is currently out in Japan leading Scotland at the Women's Curling World Championships, but did you know she is also an accomplished golfer and has competed internationally playing the bagpipes? This plus much more in this week's Inside Track.

I first got into curling at the age of eight.  My dad was a world class curler and I remember he came back from an event in Canada with a wee brush and curling shoes for me!. He took me onto the ice for the first time at our local ice rink in Pitlochry and I was never away from the place!

I have so many memories of the Olympics. My first would be watching Rhona Martin winning that gold medal back in Salt Lake City in 2002 but my favourite has to be watching Sir Chris Hoy win his Gold medals in London 2012.

My earliest memory of sport would definitely be playing football with my dad and older brother in the garden. I was really young and we used to have keepie-up competitions and play ‘wallie’.

Outside of curling I play a lot of golf. I still play and I competed a lot when I was younger and got my handicap down to two.  I also support St Johnstone FC and get to games – I’ve been going years.

My best mate in sport is one of my best friends and professional golfer, Kelsey Macdonald. She’s a similar age as me and we’re both from Scotland.

The bagpipes are my other hobby. I’ve played the pipes for years and have competed in many Scottish, European and World Championships.

If I was hosting a dinner party I’d invite Ronaldo, my wee brother and Nickleback, who would have to perform. I’d cook them all paella as it’s my specialty.

If I could have one super power would be to be anywhere in the world at a click of a finger so you don’t have to travel for hours! I’d go with ‘Flying Evey’ as my superhero name.

The most memorable moment from my career? Stepping onto the podium to receive my bronze medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Incredible day.