Equestrian: Good day for Carl Hester & Laura Bechtolsheimer

02 August 2012 / 20:51

Carl Hester and Laura Bechtolsheimer rank first and second at the end of day one of the Team Dressage Grand Prix Test at Greenwich Park.

Hester (above) scored 77.722% on Utopia to lead, with Bechtolsheimer in second with 76.839% on Mistral Hojris.

Bechtolsheimer was disappointed with her mark despite finishing the day in second spot. She said: “The crowd are very, very supportive and it’s unbelievable to ride in front of a home crowd like that - I felt very much carried by that the whole way through.

"I felt 'Alf' put in a really solid performance as usual. I had one little mistake at the end of the extended canter - I copied my team mate Carl Hester and we seemed to have made exactly the same mistake."

Hester said: “That’s my second international show of the year so I’m very happy, it felt like a good performance. I know it’s not the highest mark I’ve had but I have to take into account this is  the Olympics - it’s the toughest standard.

"There's nowhere in the world that I’ve been on a young horse that could prepare me for the noise, the feeling and the atmosphere here. So all that taken into account, I’ve had a great ride and it’s a good start for us.”