Ennis to cut out costly mistakes

25 May 2012 / 07:01

Jessica Ennis will have to cut out the costly mistakes which have seen her lose two world titles in quick succession to triumph at the London Olympics.

That is the view of the European heptathlon champion's coach Toni Minichiello, who has seen Ennis forced to settle for silver in her last two major championships.

"I think it's certainly made her more determined," Minichiello told Press Association Sport. "What you have to put into context is that she's not losing to the same person, it's not the same rostrum every event."

He went on: "Tatyana Chernova won in Daegu at the world championships and was fifth in Istanbul at the world indoors. Nataliya Dobrynska was only fifth in Daegu but then broke the world pentathlon record in Istanbul.

"You look at that and say it's different people. Jess has been consistent and they've had a peak of their day. I think the unfortunate thing is it just shows you cannot make a mistake at that level.

"And you are not trying to make a mistake. Jess' performance in Istanbul is one of the best ever, better than Carolina Kluft ever scored.

"You kind of look at it and think 'I just got beat by a 30-year-old on a really good day'. They are having to really buzz to beat her and Jess is making mistakes to get beaten. The aim is to make fewer mistakes."