Eley admits flag bearer honour went just 'too fast'

07 February 2014 / 20:48

Jon Eley admitted his moment in the spotlight went 'too fast' after a starring role in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The British short track speed skater led 62 team-mates, both athletes and officials, into the Fisht Stadium and admitted it was an emotional experience.

"It was an incredible honour to lead our team in. It was definitely one of the most special things I have ever experienced," he said.

"The only time I got nervous was when they first handed me the flag before we entered the stadium. Once we were in there, though, I was just trying to make Britain proud and soak it all up. I was thinking about my family and all the people who have helped me in my career.

"The only problem was, it all went too fast. I wanted to take the team on another lap around the stadium, but I don't think they would have let us do that."

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