Driscoll aiming to prove she is top Kat

02 August 2012 / 15:26

Great Britain trampolinist Kat Driscoll is not intimidated by the high-flying opposition as she prepares to make her Olympic debut on Saturday.

The 26-year-old who trains at the Apollo trampolining club, Tyne and Wear, is set to battle with China's Huang Shanshan and He Wenna, the reigning Olympic champion, Beijing silver medallist Karen Cockburn of Canada, world champion Rosannagh MacLennan and former bronze medallist Ekaterina Khilko of Uzbekistan.

Trampoline is marked on a combination of skill difficulty and execution, with a third score, time of flight, added to senior level competitions two years ago to reward gymnasts who maintain greater height during their routines.

It is an area where the Chinese gymnasts excel, but Driscoll, ranked number one in the world last year, maintains she has the smooth execution to give her the best chance of qualifying for the final via the top eight.

"My routines are all tried and tested so they're the ones I've been doing for the last 12 months," Driscoll told Press Association Sport. "You need to go on a trampoline feeling confident and with a new routine I wouldn't have the numbers behind me.

"I'm happy with the routines I've been doing so we've purposefully stuck with them. The tariffs I'm doing are competitive with the rest of the world so it's just about going out there and hopefully making them the best they've been.

"I try not to think about time of flight too much because if you start concentrating on that and try to push the height up you lose the execution and things can start to go wrong. If you just concentrate on your execution generally it means you are doing everything right so your flight comes with it.

"That's the way we've approached it, that we don't think about time of flight, and just concentrate on getting the execution right."

And while the Chinese look like one of the biggest threats, Driscoll expects a tough challenge from Canadian trampolinists Cockburn and MacLennan. Driscoll said: "Rosie [MacLennan] won the last world cup of the season and along with Karen [Cockburn] and both of the Chinese, they're definitely the four to watch.

"They're going to be having their own little battles and will be under a lot more pressure than everyone else to perform because they've got the expectation that they will be up there in the medals so hopefully that will leave the door open for me. In the test event the reigning Olympic champion [He] came off in the final on her last skill so literally anything can happen."