David Sparkes Elected to the BOA Board

24 November 2016 / 17:34

It was confirmed today that British Swimming’s CEO David Sparkes has succeeded in being elected to the Board of the British Olympic Association (BOA).

Sparkes ran against former Olympic champion figure skater Robin Cousins, with the former being victorious in the final vote.

During his time at British Swimming Sparkes has played an integral role in the development of swimming in this country, including the appointment of a National Performance Director and driving its commercial interests as an organisation.

Sparkes has held various key positions in swimming, including working for swimming’s world governing body, the FINA Bureau, the first British appointment to the Bureau for 45 years.

Newly elected BOA Board member David Sparkes said: “I am delighted to be re-joining the BOA Board and believe that my experience in European and world swimming will allow me to play a full and active role with the BOA as we head towards Tokyo.

“Clearly we enjoyed great success within diving and swimming in Rio with a collaborative approach from the BOA, UK Sport and the government which we will ensure continues. We will look to develop this further not only on the performance side but also commercially.”