Daley confident ahead of platform final

11 August 2012 / 13:39

Tom Daley believes "anything can happen" in Saturday night's men's 10-metre platform final.

The 18-year-old catapulted himself back into medal contention as he came through fourth, and put his first round - where the Plymouth diver came through in 15th - behind him, to finish fourth in the semi-final.

All scores will be wiped for the final - pushed back to 8.30pm so as not to clash with affairs at the nearby Olympic Stadium - but even then Daley fears he has a tough task to overhaul the Chinese.

"It was a lot better than last night," Daley told BBC1. "That's the thing with diving - anything can happen. As you can see - the Olympic champion has just not qualified for the final and I've completely turned around my performance.

"It feels weird going into another competition after knowing the disappointment from the synchro, being so close yet so far away.

"Going into the individual I really wanted to prove a point of going there and trying to give it my best shot so last night [it] was tough to get through all that competition.

"So I'm happy that I made the semi-finals, and now I made the final. Anything can happen tonight.

"I'm gradually getting sharper and sharper. It's hard to compete in the prelims and the semi-finals when you know it doesn't count towards the medals yet you need to do enough to qualify. So that's the toughest part done at the Olympics, to actually qualify for the final, and now I've done that I'm going to give it my best shot tonight."

He added: "It was strange last night - I don't ever do them like that. That's what was frustrating, but this morning in training it was good.

"It's a confidence boost to know that I can actually do it going into the final."