Coe confirms 'Hoy Hill' plans

30 March 2012 / 15:23

An Olympic version of Wimbledon's Henman Hill, already dubbed "Hoy Hill or Ennis Hill", will be available for spectators without tickets to venues to watch the action inside the Olympic Park, London 2012 chairman Lord Coe said.

Fears had been raised that plans for ground passes to the Olympic Park had been scrapped since the details have yet to be confirmed, further adding to the frustrations of people who have not got a ticket to the competitions.

Lord Coe said: "On the point about Henman Hill, yes, we will have live site areas within the Olympic Park.

"People will have access to the Olympic Park through a ticketing process that we are still working through - Hoy Hill or Ennis Hill has a nice ring to it so that people can have access to the park if not necessarily to the venues."

With the triathlon, marathon and road cycling running through the centre of London, many people will be able to get a chance to see the Games even if they have been frustrated by not being able to get a ticket, according to IOC Olympic Games executive director Gilbert Felli.

He said: "It has always been our view that we try to open the park as wide as possible but of course you cannot open the park publicly with no control system in place.

"There has to be an operational system but also a crowd management system which is why there is a big dialogue between the organisers and security people to try and understand how many people you can have at the end of the day inside the park.

"When you know how many people you have every day for each of the sports events you can deduct it and let people in with a special ticket."

London 2012 chief executive Paul Deighton said: "It has always been on the agenda it is just that we are precisely calculating the numbers."