Brownlee on the mend

22 March 2012 / 16:21

London 2012 gold medal favourite Alistair Brownlee is confident there is sufficient time to fully recover from his torn Achilles injury before the Olympics.

The world's top triathlete has resumed light training after sustaining the damage to his left ankle at the end of February.

Brownlee has now developed a more positive outlook on the injury and believes he will be ready for August 7 when the triathlon is staged.

"I've been better. If you'd asked me about my fitness three weeks ago it would have been very negative answer," the 23-year-old said.

"It's looking better now and I've been out of the cast for the two to three weeks.

"I'm slowly doing more training and in two to three weeks I should be up to a decent level of training and on the way back to fitness.

"If you want to put a positive spin on it, then it has given me a rest now. But I don't believe in that positive spin.

"It would have been better if it hadn't happened, but it has and I have to get on with that.

"I put all my emphasis on getting better rather than training.

"The important thing is to get 100% fit and then crack on with training. I've still got a fair few months to get fit."

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