Bronze thrill for cyclist Froome

01 August 2012 / 20:05

Chris Froome had "goosebumps" after joining Bradley Wiggins on one of the biggest podiums in cycling for the second time in a fortnight by winning the bronze medal in the men's time trial.

Froome cemented his new-found status among the elite of the sport on Wednesday afternoon by taking what he insisted was a surprise Olympic bronze medal as Wiggins delivered the expected gold in the men's time trial at London 2012.

The British duo's latest triumph comes hot on the heels of their historic Tour de France one-two, where Froome finished runner-up to his Team Sky team-mate after playing such a massive part in ensuring a first British victory in the event.

The 27-year-old would have been second again on Wednesday but for last year's world champion, Tony Martin, who claimed silver for Germany.

But Froome did not look bothered one jot as he celebrated the first Olympic medal of his career in front of an ecstatic Hampton Court crowd at his home Games.

He said: "I almost expected today to be another stage of the Tour. In the Tour, they don't say much when you pass them but this was totally different, something I will never forget.

"The roads were just lined with people, not just cheering but screaming our names. It leaves me with goosebumps thinking about it. The support was just enormous, something I don't think I'll ever experience again."

He added: "The home crowd just did it all for us, I think. Every time you wanted to ease off and take a few breaths or take a few easy pedals, you'd have another couple of hundred people screaming your name."

Froome revealed his emotions were "huge" and "very similar" to those after the Tour - "knowing that - again - we've come through and we've won another really big event".

He added: "It's just a really good building block for me and I'm really happy with that. I really wasn't expecting to be in the medal table with so many good time-trialists here."