Baku 2015 Meet the Team: Swimming

23 April 2015 / 06:25

With 24 selected athletes, swimming makes up the largest of Team GB's squads heading out to Baku 2015. All athletes are aged between 14 and 18 with many representing Team GB for the first time at a multi-sport event.


Tom Fannon

Age: 16

Home town: Torquay


Daniel Speers

Age: 17

Home town: Bournemouth


Duncan Scott

Age: 17

Home town: Alloa

Twitter: @Dunks_Scott



Martyn Walton

Age: 17

Home town: Stevenage

Twitter: @Martyn_Walton


Cameron Kurle

Age: 17

Home town: Glastonbury


Kyle Chisholm

Age: 17

Home town: Dewsbury

Twitter: @Kyle_Chisholm97


Tom Derbyshire

Age: 16

Home town: Stafford

Twitter: @Derbyshire66



Charlie Attwood

Age: 17

Home town: Puriton

Twitter: @attwood97


Luke Davies

Age: 18

Home town: Sutton Coldfield

Twitter: @luke_davies97



Luke Greenbank

Age: 17

Home town: Cockermouth

Twitter: @lukegreenbank97


Joe Hulme

Age: 17

Home town: Leek

Twitter: @joehulme


Jarvis Parkinson

Age: 16

Home town: Doncaster

Twitter: @ParkinsonJarvis



Joe Litchfield

Age: 16

Home town: Yorkshire


Georgia Coates

Age: 16

Home town: Leeds

Twitter: @GeorgiaCoates9


Madeleine Crompton

Age: 15

Home town: Stockport



Holly Hibbott

Age: 15

Home town: Southport

Twitter: @hhibbott


Layla Black

Age: 14

Home town: Leeds


Emma Cain

Age: 15

Home town: Guildford

Twitter: @eicain


Laura Stephens

Age: 15

Home town: Plymouth


Amelia Clynes

Age: 15

Home town: Leeds

Twitter: @AmeliaClynes



Abbie Wood

Age: 16

Home town: Buxton

Twitter: @abbielouisew


Rebecca Sherwin

Age: 14

Home town: Felixstowe



Hannah Featherstone

Age: 16

Home town: Billingham

Twitter: @swimmingfeather


Darcy Deakin

Age: 16

Home town: Sheffield

Twitter: @DarcyADeakin