Baku 2015 Kitting Out- #MyProudMoment Winner's Tour

09 June 2015 / 14:00

A few weeks ago we ran a competition long with Panasonic UK to give you the chance to win a Panasonic Lumix CM1 and the opportunity to come behind the scenes at Team GB Kitting Out experiance. Kitting Out is the official procces for athletes to come a collect thier kit for an upcoming games. This time it was in preperation for the first European Games in Baku. 

A a week long competition and a 5 day voting process, the winner was, Mark Maddox. Mark who is living with Motor Nuroeon Disease (MND), submitted a photo for him and his son completeing a 100 mile walk, which achieved over 600 votes from fellow Team GB fans! And as a result Mark and his family, wife Jayne and two children Vinny & Bo. The Maddox family got the oppportunity to go behind the scenes at Kitting Out for Baku 2015. 



When talking about thier day with Team GB Mark said "it's unbelieveable" with Jayne adding “It’s fantastic, a real eye opener and backstage view with the athletes”. The family got the chance to meet Olympic chamopins Ed Mckeever, Liam Heath and Jon Schofield. The pictures were all taken with thier brand new Panaonic Lumix CM1.



“Yeah it’s been a real eye-opener, it’s everything that the public doesn’t see and I can imagine being an athlete coming to something like this and getting spoilt rotten before you go to a games is a big help. And they certainly wouldn’t be used to anything like this I would imagine. So its gives them a great boost” said Jayne. 

Team GB mascot, Pride the Lion even made a special apperance for the competiton winners. 



“The memories are in the bank now. And it’s something nobody else will do. Meeting the guys out there, the athletes, is something we get take away with the great pictures and souvenirs it’s something that will keep forever." says Jayne.