9 Winter Sport Packing Essentials From Team GB Athletes

07 November 2014 / 13:42

Winter Sport athletes are always chasing the snow, ice and cold. So that means means living out of suitcases for the majority of the year. So what's the one thing they must pack first? We went to investigate with the British Ski and Snowboard team. 

1. Summer Fruits Squash- Murray Buchan

Murray Buchan

“If the weight allowance lets me I’ll always take some on tour.”


2. Snapback Hat- Ben Kilner

Ben Kilner

“I’d be lost without having at least one in my suitcase.”


3. My Laptop- Darcie Mead

Darcie Mead

“With so much travelling and time in hotels, my laptop is a great time filler.”


4. Headphones- Rowan Coultas

Rowan Coultas

“I always listen to music on the slopes. Usually rock, as I find it helps me perform.”


5. Black Skinny Jeans- Tyler Harding

Tyler Harding

“If I forgot them I’d have to go out immediately and buy a new pair.”


6. My Snowboard- Billy Morgan



7. Lucky Socks- Aimee Fuller

“We’re not an overly superstitious lot but I always need those socks with me.”


8.Green Tea- Rowan Chesire

Rowan Chesire

“I just can’t find an adequate replacement when abroad.”


9. Correct Currency- Jaime Nicholls 

“Got to be prepared on the slopes in case you need a quick snack.”