15 quotes to remember from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Rio 2016

15 quotes to remember from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

25 August 2016 / 16:27
Team GB stars proved they are always worth a quote and a soundbite after an Olympic Games to remember in Rio. Here's a look back at some things they said.

Adam Peaty loves Queen and country after 100m breaststroke goldAdamPeaty2Rio3200SB16

“We’ve done so much in the history of the country and I take that into every swim I do.

"To represent the Queen, to represent the country and the people at home is an absolute honour for me.

“London meant so much to me and it really inspired me. So hopefully for the children and teenagers back home just push every day and don’t give up.” 

Why Team GB won hockey goldHockey

"That gold is ours. We know we can take this all the way, if it’s between heart, skill and passion, then I don’t think we can be beaten.

"Ever since we landed in Rio, I’ve know this was going to be something special. We’ve put everything into training, we’ve never nothing to chance, we’re an incredible unit and that will be enough. We will win gold."

Proving that self-belief goes along way. Sam Quek speaking BEFORE the women’s hockey final

Nick Skelton on gold medal horse Big StarnickskeltonGettyImages-592206494

"I've not had a worry all week and I really knew this horse would win it. I knew if I kept my cool this horse would do it and he did. I knew if I did not make a mistake, he wouldn't either."

What next for Mo Farah after his double double?Farah Double

“When I line up I’m in the tunnel, I close out everything. All you can see is ahead and not beyond. That’s what drives me and why I’ve become successful and win medals. The day you feel you can’t see that straight ahead of you, that’s when you have to hang up.

“I’m still in that tunnel and want to continue. At times it’s hard and the light turns off, as you miss your family, you miss your kids and you want a normal life but you can’t replace winning medals."

Modern pentathlete Joe Choong proved a champion tweeter in RioJoe Choong

Rowers know how to partyTeam GB coxless four win rowing gold at Rio 2016

"I’m not sure what’s next. I suppose they’ll be a few caipirinhas and a few beers and a few caipirinha and it’ll probably continue that way until the closing ceremony."

George Nash after helping the men’s four to retain the gold medal they won in 2012, 2008, 2004 and 2000.

Third gold in 2020? Nicola Adams stays coyNicola Adams wins gold at Rio 2016

“I’m now going to take a holiday and come back to work on what’s next.”

Laura Trott is looking ahead - to the 2040 Olympics Kenny and Trott with gold medals at Rio 2016

PS: Did you know between them, Jason Kenny and fiancee Laura Trott have won ten Olympic gold medals, than’s more than India’s all-time total!

Hockey’s captain fantastic - Kate Richardson-WalshKate Richardson-Walsh at Rio 2016

“I feel like I'm living in a dream world and that at some point I will wake up and the last two weeks will have all been a figment of my imagination!”

No, it definitely happened Kate. We were there.

Humbled Andy Murray on carrying the flagMurray Flag

"I was just getting into bed at about 11.15 - I was in my pants - and our team leader came and said, 'the chef de mission needs to speak to you'.

"I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs and Mark gave me the news. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. I was repeating myself a lot, saying how honoured I was and humbled and I'll be extremely proud to do it.”

Valegro, Charlotte Dujardin’s ‘horse in a million’Charlotte Dujardin medal 2

“He is so magical. I can’t even tell you what it’s like to ride him. He has a heart of gold. He is the horse of a lifetime.

"It’s a bit emotional. He’s going to be retired. I haven’t said when exactly but it’s on the card to retire. I was thinking this could be the last time, I’ve got to go out there and enjoy it and give everything."

Going out in style, Sir Bradley Wiggins rocks RioWiggins

“I’m just happy to be able to wake up on Monday and not have this. It is a burden. I wanted to go out like this, I wanted it to end like this and not with some crappy little race in the north of France, climbing off at the feed.”

Jason Kenny on moving level with Sir Chris HoyJason Kenny wins keirin gold at London 2012

“I was there in Beijing when Chris rocketed to stardom. He was already an Olympic champion, but when he won those three medals, to me it was really special. To be doing the same thing eight years later is an incredible feeling.”

Rivals, team-mates, best matesstanfordhollandGettyImages-592318788

“The first thing she said was I’m really sorry but she didn’t have to apologise. I’d given it everything and I couldn’t fight back, so what more can you do? It’s bittersweet. I’m delighted for my best friend but gutted for myself."

Non Stanford after she was outsprinted to gold by Vicky Holland in the women's triathlon

Olympic champion Justin Rose makes his son proudJustin Rose celebrates

“Leo, my boy, he never really lets on that he’s that proud of me or lets on that he’s that excited about golf or some of the trophies I’ve been able to bring home, but this one meant something a little bit different to him."

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