#100daystogo: James Woods on slopestyle's Olympic debut

30 October 2013 / 09:31

When I started free skiing the Olympics wasn't even an ambition because my discipline, slopestyle, wasn't even part of the Games.

I always loved the Olympics growing up, the work ethic of the athletes used to inspire me, I just never thought I'd get the chance to be part of it.

However, all that changed the day we found out that slopestyle was going to be part of the programme in Sochi.

It was a crazy day, I remember being so excited about the prospect of being an Olympian. 

I love this sport. In slopestyle you are free to do whatever you want and there are no rules, no one is telling you what to do or what you cannot do. 

It is all about self-expression and you are rewarded for being different to everyone else and that's something I love about it.

The Olympics has changed things a bit. Perhaps before we got acceptance it was a bit of a 'lads on tour' atmosphere, now it's more competitive and new skiers have got involved, everyone is looking to the Olympics now.

Last season was great for me - winning a medal at the World Championships and finishing the season ranked number one in the World Cup standings.

I'm taking everything in my stride. My biggest weakness and, perhaps one of my strengths, is when I achieve something, the next day I will start thinking about the next thing. I've got the confidence, I know I can do it.

I think slopestyle will blow everyone's expectations at the Olympics. It's going to be the new thing, everything will watch it and be pumped about what they are seeing.

It's not a race, it's a competitive art form and people won't have seen anything like it before - especially at the Olympics and they'll be hooked.

We're talking a lot about Sochi but I think the real golden years are ahead of us.

We have to go out and prove we deserve the funding and support we are currently receiving. However, you look at cycling, rowing and sailing - they had to win first and prove themselves before the next level of funding came.

Hopefully, if we do well in Sochi, it will be the same for us because we're a young team and there are plenty of Olympics ahead of us.

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