10 Things to know about Olympic Freestyle Skiing for Sochi

06 January 2014 / 08:00

Venue: Rosa Khutor Extreme Park

Gold medals on offer: 10

Dates: Thursday February 6 – Friday February 21

Air: Jumping off the snow

Corked: When an athlete performs a spin that rotates, not just left or right but up and down as well

Grab: Holding onto any part of skis while in air

Face plant: When a skier falls on their face

Powder: Another term for snow

Sick: Word to describe something great or crazy or insane

Athletes that compete in aerials do the most difficult gymnastic manoeuvres in any sport. They can twist up to five times and flip up to three times while travelling 40mph and 20 metres into the air. Mogul skiers cover a 230-metre course in about 25 seconds, which equates to roughly four moguls a second.