10 things to know about Olympic Biathlon

10 things to know about Olympic Biathlon

11 November 2013 / 08:00

Venue: Laura Cross Country Ski and Biathlon Center

Gold medals on offer: 11

Dates: Saturday February 8 – Saturday February 22

Number of Team GB athletes: Men: 1 Women: 1

Prone: The lying down – on your front – shooting position

Magazine: Also known as the clip. The part of the rifle used to hold the five rounds of ammunition

Harness: Backpack like shoulder straps used for carrying the rifle on the back

Zeroing: Time before competition when an athlete shoots at paper targets to adjust the rifle sights for wind and light conditions

When a biathlete hits a target in the shooting range, a different coloured disc flips up to show the hit.

An athlete’s wrist must not touch the ground while they are in the prone – lying on their front – position in the shooting range.

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