Chicken Cucumber Yogurt Wraps
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Chicken, Cucumber and Yogurt Wraps

  • 4
  • 15 minutes
  • No cooking required

4 soft tortilla wraps

½ cucumber, cut into thin slices, lengthways

200g Aldi frozen cooked chicken pieces

12 cherry tomatoes, halved

3 tbsp natural yogurt

1 tsp honey

Pinch or 2 of black pepper

Lay the 4 wraps out on a chopping board.

Lay 2 long slices of cucumber on each, right in the centre.

Add equal amounts of cooked, defrosted chicken.

Add 6 halves of cherry tomato.

Mix the honey and yogurt together, and then add a little pepper, not too much.

Spoon over the yogurt mix.

Wrap and cut on the diagonal.


Try different fillings, like cooked pork or even fish.

Add lettuce and spinach to increase the intake of vegetables.

Any leftover cooked meats are good, especially from the Sunday roast.

Add cream cheese instead of yogurt as a binder for all the vegetables and meat.