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Dan Purvis...An Athlete's View

05 May 2016 / 12:51

Born in Crosby, gymnast Daniel Purvis came to the nation’s attention in 2010 when he became British men’s all-around champion, a double European medallist and world bronze medallist in the same year. Two years later he capped off his Olympic Games debut in London by taking home team bronze, while in 2014 he further cemented his status as a leading international gymnast by winning parallel bars gold and team silver for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

In his latest blog, Dan Purvis talks British and European Championships and reveals his thoughts on the new Team GB Olympic Games kit

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With the Olympic Games this summer every competition I do between now and then is a big deal and we’re all under the spotlight.

With that in mind, I was really happy with how the British Championships went in April, and it was really good to compete in my home city of Liverpool.

It was really great to be on Merseyside because I had quite a lot of home support there including people from my local gym club, and my personal coach Jeff Brookes gets to come to these types of competitions so it was really great for him too.

It was an unbelievable atmosphere too because it was sold out for the first time ever, so that was amazing to be a part of.

I had a couple of my Scottish family down to watch and a few friends came along too. They don’t really have a clue what I do or what gymnastics looks like so it is always good to shock them a bit, but it was really nice to have them there.

I knew there would be a lot of pressure this year because of the Olympic Games in August, especially because everyone is looking so good in the squad, and in order to get into the team for the European Championships later in May, everyone knew that they had to do the business.

I won four medals, including gold in the parallel bars, and I managed to hit my personal best as well so it was a huge relief for me that I performed so well when it mattered.

The European Championships will be massive, so if I’ve made that team, I need to show what I can do and I think if I can do that, I have a really good chance of making the Olympic squad.

I’ve been a bit tired over the last two weeks after the build up to the British Championships, but I feel like I’m on my way back to my best again, and if I’m going to make that plane to Rio, I really need to deliver my stuff in Bern at the European Championships.

Obviously in 2012 we managed to get the team gold at the Europeans and I think that will definitely be the aim again this year.

Our strongest contenders will be Russia who are looking good as well at the moment, but I think we can match them and even do one better with the way that we are performing.

We still have a number of weeks to go however, and I think everyone is looking really good as a team.

After the British Championships I went back home for a week because I am normally away training at Lilleshall, so it was really nice to chill a bit.

The rest was definitely needed, mentally more than anything, because with all the somersaulting and the twisting I do I need to chill a bit and get back to basics.

It’s really exciting that it is now less than 100 days until the Olympics. When it was this close in 2012 I remember feeling very anxious with it being my first Olympic Games and a home one at that, but this time round, I can’t wait to go.

I need to keep in the gym but make sure it is as safe as possible, because injuries can happen and that is always at the back of my mind, but I have to focus on the positive.

I was really excited when the Olympic kit was revealed and I think it looks great.

You can tell it’s definitely a Team GB kit with all the patterns on it, and I will be very proud to wear it if I get the opportunity to do so.

I loved the London 2012 kit, but it’s a bit tight on me now as I’ve grown in size during the last four years so I should have got bigger sizes, and I’ll definitely learn from my mistakes if I go again this year – I’ll be ordering slightly bigger kit!

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