Dan Purvis...An athlete's view


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Dan Purvis...An athlete's view

16 February 2016 / 12:04

Born in Crosby, gymnast Daniel Purvis came to the nation’s attention in 2010 when he became British men’s all-around champion, a double European medallist and world bronze medallist in the same year. Two years later he capped off his Olympic Games debut in London by taking home team bronze, while in 2014 he further cemented his status as a leading international gymnast by winning parallel bars gold and team silver for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

In his latest blog, Rio 2016 hopeful Daniel Purvis discusses his trip to Rio, preparing for the Scottish Championships and what he’s doing for Lent

It’s a really exciting time at the minute as we’re in Rio for a training camp after some time in Portugal.

We’re doing everything as we will this summer, so going to Portugal first for the holding camp and then flying to Brazil. It’s really useful for getting our head around things before the Olympic Games.

I’m not the best flier though to be honest. I tend to just take my computer with me and watch a couple of films.

If we’re flying anywhere with the British team, I normally sit next to Daniel Keatings and he manages to sleep through anything, even turbulence!

We’ve got five days in Rio. The British girls have just come back from their trip and they managed to see a bit of the village where the athletes will be staying. The work there is ongoing but they were all really excited when they came back.

When you are there and can paint a picture of what it’s going to be like in a couple of months, it definitely does get the excitement going.

We’re here to train mainly but hopefully we get to see a few sites like Christ the Redeemer, while the hotel we’re staying is right near the beach.

The girls definitely came back a little browner which will be a bonus if we can do the same – although I tend to need a lot of sun cream for myself as I burn easily.

Once I get back I will be preparing for the Scottish Championships in Motherwell at the end of February and then there’s the Glasgow World Cup in March.

I’ve always enjoyed competing in Scotland. Gymnastics seems to have really taken off and appears to be more popular than ever. I have fond memories of competing there from the Commonwealth Games and then the World Championships.

My mum’s family is from Scotland too so a lot of them will be coming to watch me compete – aunties, cousins you name it.

It’s a little bit easier to get tickets this time around than the Commonwealth Games so hopefully there will be quite a few supporters in the crowd.

It was a little bit disappointing to miss Pancake Day this year as I normally help my mum on the day when I’m at home. Maybe I’ll have to get her to do them once I’m back for Rio. I tend to go for healthier toppings so things like blueberries.

When it comes to lent normally I give up something like chocolate but I’ve already been trying to be good since Christmas. I do have a bit of a soft spot for coca cola so maybe I’ll try and give that up, we’ll see! 

Make sure you check back in next month to find out how Dan fared at the Scottish Championships