Cake the order of the day for Nelson now Rio is over



Cake the order of the day for Nelson now Rio is over

24 August 2016 / 10:47

With Rio 2016 now over, our Team GB athletes are now enjoying a well-earned rest.

In the build up to the Olympic Games, we brought you stories on how athletes honed their bodies by eating right to ensure they would perform at their peak in Brazil.

But now, with Tokyo four years in the distance, we can forgive our stars indulging and treating themselves to all the things that were banished from the cupboard during the long, hard, road to Rio.

Ashleigh Nelson was part of the seven-strong group that went on to win 4x100m relay bronze.

In the build up to the Games she was all about steak and green vegetables, but now she can enjoy one of her passions – cake!.

“I love food, I love everything about it, I just love eating food,” said the 25-year-old.

“If I had people over for dinner then I don’t know what I would cook them for a main course but I’d definitely make a banana cake.

“I would love to sit and eat cake with Ellen Degeneres, she’s very funny.

“And I would love to cook with Mary Berry too, I love baking.

“There’s a guy called Peter Scott at Lee Valley Athletics Centre and he’s the attraction of that place because he’s such a good guy, he’s so into athletics.

“I baked him a birthday cake once and he tweeted me saying he felt like the Queen!”

Away from the cake though, Ashleigh is all about the steak.

And while she may not be having to avoid the carbohydrates too much now, she will soon be back in training and competition, but she knows how to look after her body.

“I love eating steak, it’s so boring but I’m a sprinter so I’m allowed to,” added the 2014 European bronze medallist over 100m.

“I love going to Gaucho and just ordering steak, spinach and mushrooms – if I’m not trying to eat carbs then that’s a great meal.”

Ask Ashleigh who her ideal steak date is, though, and she’s not sure. Is steak too predictable for a sprinter to serve? Would she want to wow guests with something different?

“For a fantasy dinner party then I would invite Michael Jackson, I like him,” mused the photography graduate.

“I don’t want to say I’d invite Beyonce too because that is so typical, but I went to see her in concert and she was so amazing.

“I feel like she would instil some wisdom in me though, so I think I’ll just have to do it and say Beyonce, why not?

“Then I’m going to switch away from singers and invite Kevin Hart, he’s so funny, that would be a great dinner party.

“Then I might make Thai green curry because I’d like to know how to make it, so if someone could show me beforehand then I could feed it to other people and say ‘look what I can make’.”

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