Why Team GB Loves Winter Sports

We caught up with Team GB freestyle skiers and snowborders to find out why they love winter sports so much. And this is what they said.

I think winter sport is quite unique and I love that about it. The office view that you get is second to none – you see all these tops of the mountains, you’re sat on snow, it’s beautiful and I think the way of life is as well.  It’s a laid back lifestyle and yet you still have to have the guts to try all these new tricks on your own.

The sense of freedom you get when riding in the mountains is incredible. It’s a chance to get away and the scenery on offer when we’re competing is amazing.

I love the cold and the snow. When the first snow came the other week when we were in Austria it was the best feeling ever.

I love being able to travel. We get to hang out in loads of places that we normally wouldn’t get the chance to go to. Plus I love the snow, the cold, and being able to go out with lots of clothes on.

It’s such an adrenaline rush and I love that feeling you get when you’re on landing tricks or going fast. Plus you’re out there skiing with your friends and that’s really good fun.

Seeing freestyle and halfpipe skiing and snowboarding brought into the Olympics has been my favourite thing about the sport so far. Just seeing the reaction from the fans on what we do has been incredible and it’s been brilliant for the sport itself.

Freedom, the most thing I love about skiing is freedom.  You’ve got the whole mountain to yourself, you can go into the mountains and do what you want.  It’s kind of a free sport instead of being confined to a little park.  Plus it’s an extreme sport so it gives you a buzz when you do it.

Why do you love winter sport? Comment below with your reasons why.