Hounslow fails to make final

There was more disappointment for Team GB in the canoe slalom as Richard Hounslow failed to make the final of the single kayak.

Hounslow recorded a time of 104.30 seconds, which placed him in 12th and outside the top 10 qualifying places.

Hounslow could only wait at the bottom, looking anxiously at the giant screen, as successive paddlers went quicker, leaving him to slip agonisingly down the leader board.

His failure to reach the final follows that of David Florence in the single canoe.

The 29-year-old world number one blew his chance when he finished 11th in the semi-final after a mistake at gate 16 cost him valuable time.

While the gates have been set specifically for the Games and changed for the finals, both paddlers have had 18 months to use the course, recording something like 3,000 practice runs each in that time.

They will be looking to make amends for their mistakes in the individual events when they race together in the two-man canoe on Thursday.

Hounslow, who was ranked 43 in the world coming into the event, knew he was out once he looked up at the leaderboard at the end of his run.

"It's a class field out there," he said. "I was surprised so many people got 50 second penalties anyway.

"Obviously a part of you hopes that other people have messed up but I knew deep down that it wouldn't happen and I was just watching the sport that I love and the sport that I enjoy.

"I paddled very well at the British Olympic trials to actually make the Olympics and unfortunately I have not found that form that I had back then. It is frustrating because you know it is there. It doesn't just disappear."

He added: "I am obviously gutted. I am disappointed that I couldn't put in a performance that I and the home crowd could be proud of.

"There is always pressure and unfortunately that's the nature of the sport, it's a very technical sport. The only sport that comes near it is probably gymnastics and the only way gymnastics would come near it would be if the apparatus was moving when they were doing it.

"It's hard out there and you have to focus all the time.

"When you were on the start line the noise was just incredible and you try and work off it, you try and feed from it.

"It's difficult to say without going back and looking at the performance but at the end of the day it's my job and I have got to deal with the pressure and today I didn't.

"I was attacking all the way, I thought it was a half-decent run and I had done enough. There were a few time errors but I didn't actually realise that they were as big as they actually were. At the end of the day, I didn't do enough.

"It was tough out there. The crowd was loud and you have to deal with the pressure and unfortunately today I didn't.

"I have just got to take full responsibility for it really. I didn't perform today. I haven't really performed to the best of my ability, to what I can perform, this whole competition."