Greene timing approach just right

Dai Greene believes a British record and Olympic glory in the 400m hurdles is coming nicely into focus after keeping his eye on the bigger picture during a difficult start to the year.

Greene, the reigning world, European and Commonwealth champion, underwent a knee operation at the end of last year, but kept it under wraps until June, by which time he had opened his season with a run of 48.96 seconds in Morocco. He then ran 47.84secs in Paris last Friday, a new personal best and just 0.02s off Kriss Akabusi's 20-year-old British record

"I seem to be coming into form at the right time, which is what it's all about in our sport," Greene said ahead of competing in the London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace on Friday night.

"I always knew it would be tough to get to this point but, having come through it, I feel very confident now going into London.

"I knew I would be scrutinised a lot more in Olympic season. I knew if people saw a world champion who wasn't winning races they would be asking questions.

"They expect you to be at the front, but I knew that wasn't going to be the case in January, February time, so I had a lot of time to prepare myself for that and I have a good coach and people around me who helped me stay focused on the bigger picture."

Asked whether it will take a new British record to win gold in London, Greene added: "I think so, it would have gone in Paris if conditions were nice. There was a thunderstorm an hour before so the track was pretty wet.

"I know I'm in pretty good shape, you don't get that close and not have the ability to break it. I'd like to think that with a few more weeks' training I should be a bit faster and smoother. I have only done four or five races this year, an extra few will certainly help.

"I should also be able to find a better rhythm when I'm going through the rounds in the championships.

"It (the record) is certainly something I have to go beyond, but mentally I've accepted I have to go beyond that a long time ago so it's not new territory for me."