#EYOF2013 in Numbers

For a week in the middle of July, some of the best young athletes Great Britain has to offer united as Team GB and flew out to the Netherlands to compete in the 12th European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF).

Here is Team GB’s EYOF in numbers:

1 – There’s only One Team GB

2 – Second place in the final medal table

3 – The most number of gold medals won by a single Team GB athlete, gymnast Nile Wilson

4 – The number of gold medals won by Team GB in the Swimming Pool de Krommerijn

5 – The number of days of competition in Utrecht

6 – The size of Team GB’s gymnastics squad, all of whom went home with a medal

7 – The number of days Team GB were in Utrecht

8 – The highest placed finish from a Team GB rider, Joe Holt, in the boy’s road race

9 – The number of gold medals Team GB brought home

10 – The number of venues used across Utrecht to host the EYOF

31 – The total number of medals won by Team GB

44 – The number of athletes it took to make One Team GB

1000 – Swimmer Abbie Wood won the 1000th gold medal in EYOF history by racing to victory in the 400m individual medley

Unquantifiable – The amount of effort, sacrifice and dedication from every member of Team GB to make the Festival such a success