Chris Adcock: The Inside Track

We get the inside track on London 2012 Olympic Chris Adock. We find out he motivations for RIo 2016, who he would invite round for dinner and much more.

I have two older brothers who both played badminton and I just went along with them to a local club and it progressed on from there. I was pretty good at it and then kept moving up the county system and then onto the national team. It’s all gone pretty well.

I remember watching the Commonwealth Games and Lee Dixon when I was young. And when I was really young I remember watching Joanne Goode and Simon Archer win bronze in Sydney. That was quite inspiring and I’ve always wanted to do everything they’ve done.

Going to the Commonwealth Games with Gabby was a great achievement for us and winning gold in Glasgow was amazing. Another highlight has to be also winning the Hong Kong super series in 2013 as it was the first big major that we had won together. It was amazing standing on top of the podium and sharing that moment with anyone is great, but obviously sharing it with my wife Gabby was just incredible.

Gabby and I got married in 2013 and for our honeymoon we went to Hawaii, it’s probably one of the best places I’ve ever been to. But it’s just so far away; I think we would go back quite a lot more if it was closer, but I am sure we will get the chance to go back in a few years’ time.

My earliest memory of playing sport is in the back garden playing with my granddad. I was about four or five years old and we used to use the washing line as a net.

As I’m from Nottingham originally I do always want Nottingham Forest to do well but doesn’t always happen. I’m mainly a Chelsea fan really but I watch most other sport. I’m always watching the cricket, tennis and I think Sky Sports News is pretty much a constant on my TV at home. I’m into the darts as well.

For a dinner party I would love to have Usain Bolt- it would be just incredible to meet him. Jonathan Ross would be another – I’m always watching his show and I find him hilarious. And I think Will Smith too. He’s just an amazing actor.

I think that would be quite a cool dinner party, though I don’t think they would like my cooking so we would probably have to get a takeaway! I really like Thai food, so I think I would have to order that in

The last film I went to see was The Imitation Game and that was absolutely amazing! We loved it. It was only last year that we actually went to Bletchley Park and had a look around. The story of it all, the machines they made and what those people did was just incredible. I’m going to have to watch it again I loved it that much.

If I could have one superpower it would be teleportation without a doubt. We spend so much time travelling around and long journeys on planes, I dread to think the amount of hours I spend travelling to tournaments. So if I could just click my fingers and be there, it would be the best.

Rio is a massive motivation. Obviously, I went to London and it didn’t quite go the way I wanted it to but since then I have partnered up with Gabby and had some tremendously good seasons. We just want to succeed. Going to the Commonwealths and being successful in our first multi-sport event was huge learning curve and it was great to come out with a positive result.

We have the All England Championships, the Euros and Worlds to keep us going through the year and it’s great to have these goals to work towards. But Rio is always there in the back of our minds - it’s getting closer and closer and seems to be coming up really quickly.