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Rio 2016 sees a welcome return for golf in the Olympic Programme following a 116-year absence after its initial appearance at the 1900 and 1904 Games. 

The proposed Olympic competition for both men and women next year is a 72-hole individual stroke play tournament, with the lowest score across the four rounds earning the gold medal.

In case of a tie for either first, second or third place, a three-hole playoff will determine the medal winner(s).

Margaret Ives Abbott became America’s first female Olympic Champion when she won the nine-hole golf tournament at the Paris 1900 games, but died without realising her achievement due to the poor organisation of the tournament.

Four years later in St Louis, Missouri, golf made its last appearance at an Olympic Games. George Lyon of Canada won the men’s individual gold medal, while the United States won the team event, which had been brought in to replace the women’s individual.

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